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Call Center Services

Crisis Intake / Case Management Services

Phone / Crisis Hotline: 1 (800) 284-9515 / 787-704-0705


Operation Hours: 24-hours, 7 days a week response

Languages Spoken: Spanish / English


Quality Control: Call recording for quality control monitoring purposes


Call center operators will provide General information, handle and canalize customer’s inquiries with the clinical facilities and appointment scheduling, available during business hours Monday through Friday, 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. 


The Crisis Hotline can be contacted 24/7 for mental crisis assistance.

Our case management Call Center staff is able to provide assessment over the phone, and determine appropriate levels of intervention. Offering support and crisis intervention to members dealing with mental health emergencies and providing these individuals the services they need in order to remain safely in the community. Our staff includes social workers and psychologist.




What is Telehealth?


Telehealth, is all about transmission of still images, patient’s consultations through video conferencing, patient portals, continuing medical education, patient-focused wireless applications and nursing call centers and many other applications. Thanks to technological advancement, a number of technological and communications tools have been implemented to enable the transfer of patient’s information for recommendations and consultations across almost every medical specialty. Investing in telehealth services had been too high, and the distribution of telehealth resolutions and hospital-based networks proved to be too costly. But now, due to improved broadband services it’s easily affordable.


INSPIRA’s Telehealth System 


Offers solutions for organizations to deliver mental health services remotely.  Our flexible pricing and custom services allows you to pick the right benefits plan for your business. We have a wide range of professionals available to comply with your needs, psychiatrists, psychologists, GP/MD, MSW, SA Counselor, MH nurse, MH Educator, etc.


We know that clients have unique telemedicine needs. That’s why we created a list of features for you to make  a custom package. This list includes:

Video conferencing


Engagement Tools


Administrative Management Tools


Support Resources

Please contact us to learn more.

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