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What Can I expect from Hospital services

Once you are admitted to our Hospital you will received the following services:

Psychiatric Evaluation in your first 24 hours of stay.
Psychological and Social Evaluation
Family Reunion in the first 72 hours of admission
Every day you will have a complete Therapy Program that includes Group Therapies, Educational  Therapies and Occupational and Recreational Therapies.
The patients are in semi-private rooms and have in dining area where we serve them all their meals and snacks.
The patient has the right to choose the person or persons authorized to receive information about your health condition. To these people, will be provided with a code, with which must be identified to the solicitor any patient information. In addition, the patient has the right to make a call to his family in the morning and
another in the afternoon.

The average length of stay of our patients is between five to seven days, but your stay in the Hospital will depend on the Multidisciplinary Team daily evaluation.

Belongings should I bring if I am going to be hospitalized

Hospitals regularly are places where the temperatures are quite cold, so we recommend come prepared for that type of temperatures.

Psychiatric Hospitals have special rules regarding the belongings of patients, so we have to take into consideration that any article may have cords, metals or parts that can be converted into a weapon or that can be used to cause injury if same or others.


For your convenience, we suggest bringing the following belongings:

Sleeve shirts or T Shirts
Female suits or skirts should not be very short
Long pants without cords
Underwear, for females the braziers may not have rods
Footwear may not have cords
Personal hygiene items (no sticks of cotton, or tampons)

Items not allowed:

Money or valuable items are not allowed
Cell phones