Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

INSPIRA provides EAP services with an extensive menu of options to both private businesses and government agencies. Our goal is to bring each of our clients’ employees to their utmost level of productivity. Employees’ job effectiveness is impaired when they’re faced with life’s difficulties, which may interfere with their capacity to perform. INSPIRA helps companies and agencies manage these kinds of problems and avoid productivity loss. In addition, INSPIRA can be extremely important in the prevention of “presentism” at the workplace, as well as workplace violence and theft. 

We also provide services like stress debriefings to assist employees during business restructuring processes. Special programs for managers and women are part of our offerings. We have achieved success by strictly aligning our efforts with the goals of our clients. Our EAP offers confidential short term counseling and a wide spectrum of human and organizational services designed to meet the modern needs of employers operating under rapid change and intense competition. Our main purpose is to contribute significantly to the growth and profitability of businesses of all sizes and all industries.


Core Program Features 

  • 24/7 access to live assessments with mental health professionals. 

  • Multiple access options: via toll free phone line, email or instant messaging technology in our website.

  • EAP attends Employees & Family Members as well.

  • Short-term Therapy counselling areas include but not limited to:

    • ​Relationship issues

    • Marital and family conflicts

    • Separation & divorce concerns 

    • Parenting

    • Substance (Alcohol/drug) misuse 

    • Gambling 

    • Work concerns

    • Financial Concerns 

    • Depression and Anxiety

    • Loss and Grief 

    • Job Stress or Fatigue

    • Mode of counseling: telephonic, or online (through a secured platform within our website) 

  • Each case is managed using a standard procedure and is documented accordingly:

    • ​Initial assessment

    • Diagnosis or problem definition

    • Intervention

    • Short-term goals

    • Long-term goals

    • Referrals

  • Credentialed EAP Provider network in PR, Virgen Island and US. 

  • Work-Private Life areas considered for consultation, resource and referrals include:

    • Adoption 

    • Child Care

    • Parenting 

    • Education 

    • Elder/Adult Care 

    • Pet Care

    • Pre-natal and Post-Natal Care 

    • Special Needs

    • Summer Care 

    • Wellness 

  • Educational materials to support each unique consulting session include: 

    • Guideline sheets on specific topics 

    • Provider profiles 

    • Checklists to help evaluate resources 

    • Handbooks filled with consumer information 

    • Educational resources 

    • Interactive CDs 

    • Audio tapes 

    • Selected resources are available in Spanish

    • Personalized Website – Website Sections intended as Guidelines for specific topics of interest, Interactive self-assessments, personal plans, audio, and articles other resources both in English and Spanish.

    • Legal, Financial

      • Divorce/Custody Issues 

      • Criminal

      • Estate Planning/Wills/Trusts 

      • Real Estate

      • Landlord/Tenant 

      • Personal Injury/Malpractice

      • Small Claims 

      • Adoption

      • Bankruptcy 

      • Budgeting 

      • Buying a home for the first time

      • Foreclosure prevention

      • Major life event planning 

      • College fund planning

      • Retirement planning 

      • Will preparation

  • Management Referrals and Consultation Services for Workplace Conflict Situations.

  • Dedicated Crisis Phone Line for Employees and their families.

  • Support and Marketing strategies from the EAP to improve employee participation:

    • Customized brochures, Posters, monthly messages and notifications. 

    • Utilization Reports - Quarterly and online

    • Seminars/trainings (onsite or online): Diversity of topics available 

    • Phone or Video CISD (Critical Incident Stress Debriefing) 

    • Wellness Program - Telephonic and online orientations focused on weight management, fitness, nutrition, smoking cessation and chronic conditions. 

    • Health Risk Assessment - On-line assessment with immediate individual results and recommendations for the participant. 

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