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Hospital, Clinics and Other Facilities

 Outpatient Commercial Clinics 

INSPIRA has four clinics where we offer services to clients with commercial health insurance and through private payment. Our facilities are strategically located in San Juan, Bayamón and Caguas. The services are aimed at adults 18 years and over, who present mental and emotional conditions. We accept most health insurances.


Ambulatory Services


INSPIRA has psychiatric and psychological services. We offer services of Initial Evaluation, Consultations, Counseling, Individual Therapy, Family and Couples Therapy according to the clients need. Re-evaluations are carried out for second opinions of cases that haven’t responded to previous treatments.


Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP)


The partial hospitalization program is an intensive and structured treatment that is offered daily to prevent chronicity of emotional conditions, avoiding possible traditional hospitalizations. Provides a space for the person to ventilate feelings and develop appropriate management skills and conflict resolution. The services are offered by an interdisciplinary team composed of Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Social Worker, Occupational Therapist and Nurse.


Community Projection Programs


Through this program we impact the community with information tables and workshops on mental health issues, free of cost. Promoting early detection and treatment of mental health conditions.

Medicaid Clinics

INSPIRA is the official mental health ambulatory services provider for 3 of the 8 Medicaid regions of the island serving a total population of 400,000 lives.

INSPIRA offers services to beneficiaries of the Government Health Plan (Puerto Rico’s Medicaid Program).  


Providers can serve in the following programs:

Children and adolescents

Adults 18 years and over

Mental health

Substance abuse and rehabilitation

Depot clinic for long term medication


Individual therapy

Group therapy

Family therapy

Psychoeducational therapy

Home visits and homebound


Reverse collocation

Psychiatric Hospital

INSPIRA Behavioral Care is a specialized Psychiatric Hospital that serves adult patients with mental conditions and substance dependence. We have a structured program of daily activities aimed at the recovery of our patients. Our goal is to reintegrate the patients into their daily livelihood in the shortest possible time. The services are offered by an interdisciplinary team composed of Psychiatrist, Clinical Psychologist, Clinical Social Worker, Professional Nurses, Substances Abuse Counselor, Occupational, Recreational and Art Therapists, Certified Clinical Dietitian, Pharmacist and Mental Health Technicians.

During hospitalization our patients receive the following services:

• Psychiatric Evaluations
• Pharmacotherapy
• Psychologist Therapies
• Social Work Evaluations
• Group Therapies
• Family Therapies
• Individual Therapies
• Dietitians Consultation
• Substances Abuses Counseling

Our services are available 24/7.

We accept the majority of Health Plans including the Government’s Health Plan

23 hrs Crisis Stabilization Unit

Our 23 Hours Crisis Stabilization Unit was designed as an intermediate step between outpatient treatment and traditional hospitalization for the Government Health Plan. In this program; patients receive intensive treatment to try to avoid hospitalization. The program is designed so that the patient receives treatment for a maximum of 23 hours in that area and then the Psychiatrist decides whether to send it to treatment at a less restrictive level or to the Hospital, which the most restrictive level is. The services are offered by an interdisciplinary team composed of Psychiatrist, Clinical Social Worker, Professional Nurses, and Mental Health Technicians.